I love adventure – its in my blood. A broken back nor a fractured ankle could stop me from keeping myself from any activity that is adrenalin pumping. Been to antarctica for 18 months, sailed the blue waters, climbed mountains, para glided, deep sea dived but yet my hunger is not satiated. So here I am in a young and enthusiastic state called Andhra Pradesh setting up A-4-ADVENTURES. Normally when people come across exteme adventurers they look at them like junkies – if you too carry that perception I would like to correct it. To be an adventurer you need to highly motivated and disciplined, focused, physically fit and mentally awake, and be a good leader as well as a follower. I have been all that for the last three decades and now plan to use the platform called  A-4-ADVENTURES to mentor others. If you are adventurer at heart you will find many an interesting things here. Happy browsing !!